Black Steel Plates

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10LB Black Olympic Plate - Pair
35LB Black Olympic Plate - Pair

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Brand Ader
Color Black
Metal Plates Metal Weights
Made In USA No
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All black steel plate brought to you by Ader

All black and old-school in style this plate is designed to get the job done!

Available in 1.25lb, 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, and 100lb increments. Sold in pairs.

Diameters:  2.5lb - 160mm, 5lb - 203mm, 10lb - 229mm, 25lb - 276mm, 35lb - 368mm, 45lb - 450mm, 100lb - 450mm


Black Steel Plates 4.75 out of 5 stars based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

Great Old-School Plates

Review by Gerardo

This was my first time ordering from Rogue Fitness and they did a great job of packaging my 300lb set of weights, all wrapped in plastic+bubble wrap. A plus to my plates that didn't have the "CAP" logo in the middle. Took me a while to get the packaging open but it was worth it. These plates don't deserve the hate that they get.

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Review by Keith

I got these as part of my bumper and plate combo since the York plates are out of stock (45lbs plates). Despite the big made in china sticker on them they are very well made and the powder coating looks like it will hold up.

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The 1.25# plates are nice

Review by Paul

I got a pair of the 1.25# plates. I've been on a linear progression that required raising my bench and press by 2.5# per session. The smallest plates at my facility were 2.5 so I bought a pair of these and they worked great. Can't say anything about the larger plates but I'm guessing the quality is about the same. The finish is pretty rough though so for 25-45# plates these might not be the best choice unless you're wearing gloves.

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Don't be scared to order these

Review by Ivan

If you don't need bumpers, get these. I don't agree with the previous reviewer saying these are "rough cut" with "Chinese paint flakes in your skin." They are bare-bones and old-school, just like the description says. I've seen cheaper plates but Rogue did a great job in packing/shipping my 300+ pounds. I didn't mind paying a little extra because Rogue knows what they're doing.

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