Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

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Rogue Dog Sled 1.2
Low Bar Attachment
High Bar Attachment
Dog Sled Bridge Single
Dog Sled Bridge Pair
Double Handle Attachment
Bridge Attachment Required
Lawn Boy Attachment
Bridge Attachment Required
Wraparound Rail Kit
Bridge Attachment Required
Wheel Barrow Attachment
Bridge Attachment Required
Extra Sled Upright Pair
Dog Sled Plastic Kit
100' x 1" White Nylon Pulling Rope w/ Eyelet

Gear Specs

Manufacturer Rogue
Color Black
Product Weight 103 lbs.
Length 40"
Width 24"
Height 39.5"
Foot Print 34" x 24"
Steel Notes 2" x 3" 11 Gauge & .25 Plate Steel
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


The Rogue Dog Sled

The Rogue Dog Sled is the next evolution of the power sled—compact, powerful, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training on almost any surface.

The CrossFit Games battled-tested Rogue Dog Sled features a quarter-inch steel base plate, 2x3” 11-gauge steel tubing, and 3-foot upright push bars designed to accommodate both high and low push stances. Compared to many prowler sled designs, the portable Dog Sled also has a smaller overall surface area, allowing you to get the most out of the plates that you own.

Improving your body's ability to maximize its use of the anterior and posterior chain is the holy grail of power and performance. This is what ideal resistance sled training can accomplish, and it’s what the Rogue Dog Sled delivers.

Dog Sled Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Footprint: 40” x 24”
  • Skid Width: 4”
  • Steel: 2x3” 11-gauge and .25” plate steel
  • Push poles are removable for easier transport

*Protective Plastic Skis Can be Added to an Order to Better Prevent Any Potential Surface Damages.

Other Optional Weight Sled Accessories:

  • Dragging Strap
  • 100-foot Pulling Rope

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Review by the big man
When you recieve this order, your jaw will drop by how much you can do with just ONE piece of equipment. I dont think any body will EVER beat Rogue. They EASILY sell the best fitness products EVER!!
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2


Review by Big Boy
This is one of the most finest piece of equipment i have ever used in my workouts. Its like a normal sled on steroids!!! I thought the best attachment is the wheelbarrow one. I definitely recommend this product because it has a fairly low price and has SIX DIFFERENT ATTACHMENTS!!
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Great Piece of USA Made Equipment

Review by robekert
After seeing the many ways this sled was was used in the Games in the past the versatility speaks for itself. I got the plastic skis which are a welcome addition to the sled. The sled glides over many surfaces quietly with the skis. The straps and pull rope add additional uses to this sled........get it. Nuff said.
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Great Sled

Review by CF Detonate
This is an awesome piece. We love the sled but we had difficulty pushing it on concrete. Maybe if we put the plastic skis on that would help.
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

I love this thing

Review by Brandon
The Rogue Dog Sled is an invaluable addition to one's training. Whether you are doing sprints, heavy pushes, pulls or using the sled for anchor points with battle ropes, the Dog Sled is amazing.
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Dog Sled Rocks

Review by Ed
As expected, well made and strong. This sled rocks and I would highly recommend it. Rogue continues to build superior the USA!
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Awesome product

Review by CrossFit Lehigh Valley
We bought two sleds to add with our current prowler! Rogue Dog Sleds are everything I had hope and more! Great quality and fast shipping! Would recommend to anyone looking for a sled!
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Underestimating the sled is a mistake....

Review by StrongMD
I'm in medical school and have a very difficult time getting to the gym when I want to or dedicating the time when I get there. As a former strength and conditioning coach and person who trained in strongman, I got tired of feeling pudgy and decided to splurge on the dog sled after positive reviews from trusted mentors. It is a fantastic investment.

The sled fits in the back of my SUV with plates, sandbags, sledge and other fun tools for impromptu training sessions when I have time. It is built solid. If there were one thing I'd change, it'd be the addition of the tow ring on both sides. It provides a nice handle to grip when loading in the car too since the other side can be a little doesn't help that I'm absolutely devastated and near death at the end when trying to load this thing back up.
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2


Review by Ryan
My new favorite sled. Ive been selling all my friends on getting one or replacing other sleds with the Dog Sled. Portability cant be beat. Durability is top notch. Ease of use is amazing. Simply moving the handles to the other side for the return trip is one of those Rogue moments of genius. The skids are great and the ground impact with them on is very minimal.
| Review for: Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

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