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HG Rogue Bumpers

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160LB HG Bumper Set

(Shipping Included)
(2) Each of 10-25-45LB bumpers

230LB HG Bumper Set
(Shipping Included)
(2) Each of 10-25-35-45LB Bumpers

260LB HG Bumper Set

(Shipping Included)
(2) Each of 10-15-25-35-45LB Bumpers

350LB HG Bumper Set

(Shipping Included)
(2) Each of 10-15-25-35 & (4) 45LB Bumpers

500LB HG Bumper Set

(Shipping Included)
Choose your breakdown that is equal to or less than 500lbs You may note your breakdown in the comments box during checkout

1000LB HG Bumper Set

(Shipping Included)
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10LB Rogue HG Pair
(2) 10LB Plates
15LB Rogue HG Pair
(2) 15LB Plates
25LB Rogue HG Pair
(2) 25LB Plates
35LB Rogue HG Pair
(2) 35LB Plates
45LB Rogue HG Pair
(2) 45LB Plates
55LB Rogue HG Pair
(2) 55LB Plates

Gear Specs

Manufacturer Rogue
Bumpers Multipurpose
Free Shipping No
Made In USA No
3 Ships Free No
Bumper Diameter 450mm
10lb Plate Width 1"
15lb Plate Width 1 3/8"
25lb Plate Width 2"
35lb Plate Width 2 3/4"
45lb Plate Width 3 1/4"
55lb Plate Width 3 3/4"


This is the latest version of the HG plates

Rogue HG Bumper Specs:

  • Plate diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard is 450mm)
  • Collar opening: 50.40mm
  • Insert type: Stainless Steel
  • Made in China
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 10 grams of claimed weight

Warranty: 10-15LB Variant plates are warrantied for 90 days. The 25-45LB variants are warrantied for one year

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Good Bumper Plate

Review by Randal
As other reviewers have stated I too do a lot of research for the bumper plate. Purely based on size of the plate, these are closest to the standard steel plates. This was important to me to make sure I still have space left on the bar for the addition of extra weight.
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Exactly as advertised

Review by Buck
Had these a month now. Great plate, low bounce and look awesome. I got the 230 LB set. The 45's, 35's and 25's are solid. The 10's are a little flimsy but I expected as much when you stretch out 10 lbs like that. I never sit the bar on the floor with just the tens. Very low bounce, no worries when dropping them.

As I mentioned in a separate review of my RML-390F rack, only issue was when I hit one of them on a J-Cup. The cup's edge cut a small chunk from one of my 45's. The edges on the cups are now covered in tape to prevent that from happening again.

Just buy these, you will love them.
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

garage ready

Review by JLH7778
Great plate at a budget price. I can't see paying any more for a garage gym.I have these in various sizes. Not in love with the 10's.They aren't flat and don't sit tight against the next plate. If I had to do it over I would order more 15's instead and use steel 10's. All in all, another great rogue product. If you want something and rogue makes it, buy the rouge one.
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Good Bumpers

Review by aschaefer
I'm a big fan of the lack of bounce. I hate when the bar bounces around when I drop a clean. The bars were the right price, only complaint is that they fit a liiiiittle loose on the sleeve so you definitely have to clamp the plates on for floor use.

Price was right for brand new, good quality gear for a novice lifter. Wish I would have just bought my own combination of 45s/25s/10s instead of buying the 260lb set (would rather have more 45s/25s/10s instead of the 35s and 15s -- personal preference)
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Awesome bumpers!

Review by Nathan
I did a lot of research and read a ton reviews on several different brands/models of bumpers before I decided to but my HG plates, and I am very happy with my decision! These plates have VERY little bounce to them and look great. I will definitely be buying more HG plates in the future!
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

High Quality Product!

Review by Michael
Solid, built to last, and simply awesome. Things you should know as a prospective buyer. They have a dead bounce (max of a couple inches). They are very accurate to the prescribed weight. They grenades look totally sick and unique. When dropped, they are loud plates. Do yourself a favor and get these plates.
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Great for the Price!

Review by Dylyn v
I have had the plates for about a month now and I am very impressed! Great quality, very little bonce when dropped. I purchased the 10's,15's,25's,and 45's. The 45's and 25's can definately be dropped without having to worry. I am afraid to drop to 10's and 15's because they are pretty thin. Overall this is a great product! If your using metal plates now switch to these, you wont regret it
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Great Bumpers, Great Price, Great Company

Review by Ryan B
I bought these bumpers to use in my shop and to take camping with me. I've used them a lot and they show no signs of wear. I drop them on cement in my shop and on plywood wood camping. I love the fact that they don't bounce a ton so I don't have to chase them.
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Uniform and solid

Review by Eddy
These things are super nice to have! Especially outside in my garage gym. They are easy on the concrete but still put my muscles to work like any other weights out there. I like that they are good for weather fluctuation. I will never have to worry about these things rusting and getting corrosion! Also they are very balanced and have no weight variances. Each plate weights exactly like the next. Great product!
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

Whole new game!

Review by JP
These bumpers are awesome! Never have had rubber bumpers before and was a little nervous about my weights bouncing around too much due to the confined space I work out in at home but these bumpers hardly move when I drop them. My confidence and strength have grown considerably! Thanks Rogue.
| Review for: HG Rogue Bumpers

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