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Rogue Battle Chain

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One of Westsides secret weapons

The Rogue Battle Chain adds another element to your pursuit of General Physical Preparedness.

The length: 45 Feet. The weight: 120 pounds. The training uses: Endless. That's because the chain is a nearly indestructible version of the typical, rope-based battling rope. Train in the traditional battle rope stance to take muscle endurance to a new level. The chain has no give so more work can be done, with greater effort, in shorter bursts. It can be used for foot speed and stability when operated as a sled. Heavy ground rope pulls and any of the many ways that top power athletes implement it in their training. The strongest athletes have been using this heavy rope for years; it's time you catch up.


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Badass Training Tool

Review by Geopap

OMG this thing is badass. It was delivered last week so I have only just scratched the surface of what can be done with it. Use it like a battle rope. Drape it over your shoulders and do step-ups, etc. etc. So basic yet so versatile and it looks mean too..

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