Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

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SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope
Rogue Bearing Speed Rope - 5 Pack
Rogue Bearing Speed Rope - 10 Pack
Rogue Bearing Speed Rope - 20 Pack
11' Replacement Cable Kit
Adjustable Screw Included
11' Replacement Cable Kit - 5 Pack
Adjustable Screws Included
10' Replacement Cable Kit
Adjustable Screw Included
10' Replacement Cable Kit - 5 Pack
Adjustable Screws Included

Gear Specs

Manufacturer Rogue
Handle Length 6.1"
Handle Diameter 1/2" - 7/8" Taper
Handle Mechanism Bearing
Cable Type Red Coated Speed Cable
Cable Length 10'
Cable Diameter 3/32"
Made In USA No
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


Double Under Problem Solved.

Built with a six inch, rotating handle for sure grip, the Rogue SR-1 is capable of unbeatable speed.  The bearing system allows for top-end revolutions and the coated cable adds speed and durability.  It's built to last, the only thing that will break are your records.


  • Bearings: (4) Hi-Precision Cartridge Ball Bearings per rope
  • Handle Length: 6.1"
  • Cable: 10-ft Red Coated 3/32" speed cable
  • Adjustment: adjustable end with a fixed swaged end
  • Indestructible Glass-Filled Nylon Resin Rogue Handgrip
  • Tapered handle, 1/2" spindle to 7/8" diameter base


How to Trim the SR-1 Rope Length


Best rope I have used!

Review by Patrick
I have a SR-1s and love the bearing system on it, but the handles were to small for my hands, then I bought some cheaper long handle bushing ropes, and really liked the handles but not the speed. SO the SR-1 is the perfection of the bearing system with a longer handle! I have used a rx jump rope, a sr-1s, a rpm rope and bushing ropes, and really I dont think I need to go anywhere else! Cant wait to battle test it.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Amazing Rope

Review by Alejandro
The ultimate test for me and my DU's was the 14.1, I've only had DU's since a month ago, and can only do 30-40 DU's unbroken, but since getting this rope, I've got 100's and did 310 reps on 14.1. If you have problems with DU's get this rope right away.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

awesome rope

Review by Brian
Been pretty frustrated with double unders for about 9 months. Started using a the steel cable Rogue jump rope at the gym and noticed an instant improvement. Didn't want to pay $50+ for a rope just yet, though, so I got this SR-1 and used it for the first time Saturday. I'd never done more than 20 DU's in a row, and I literally did 37 the first time I started swinging it. Then today in our WOD, I did 42 consecutive. I'm a solid athlete, so the DU frustration was puzzling. But now I get it. The equipment matters. And this is a great rope at a reasonable price.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Top notch product!!

Review by Matt G
I've had the SR-1 for about a month now and am extremely happy with it. It spins beautifully. My favorite quality of the rope is the cable itself. While thin, it has enough weight so you can feel it through the DUs but not so much that it wears you out trying to whip it around. I also really like the handle shape and size. They are light, comfortable and easy to grip. I've had various RX Smart Gear ropes and cables which are also fantastic quality but I simply prefer the SR-1 for speed, feel and price. This one is definitely a winner.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope


Review by Roy
Got this one for myself and got the SR-1S for my wife. We just love them! I really suck at DUs and I have been practicing so much that I strained my left calf. I have been able to complete 13 unbroken DUs today my best. I just need to stay persistent and work on my form. Thanks for the great product!
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

great rope

Review by wise
This rope spins its revolution quicker then any jump to price ever own and I jump rope 5-6 TYMES At least an hour everyday yes it's expensive but it's well constructed and will put u in MMa or boxing shape buy this rope!
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Immediate Return on Investment

Review by Ronan
Been doing Crossfit for about 7 months and was never able to do better than 2 double unders, maybe 3 on a good day but, not before dozen of missed attempts. Well, 15 minutes after delivery and sizing I achieved a PR of 12. Not only did I PR but can now blast them out on demand. This is the best piece of equipment that I have purchased thus far. Nearly an immediate return on investment. I've tried a few other ropes and so far this is the easiest to use. So a few observations the rope is lighter and doesn't hurt as much on a miss. This is a good thing IMO. Second the longer handles, are perfect for a beginner trying to build wrist speed and gain consistency. In hindsight I wish I would of purchased the SR-1 months ago. Could of saved me months of aggravation.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Lovin' the rope

Review by Westside is the best side
Fast, simple, good price, and very smooth. This rope makes jump rope fun!!!! Six pack city... here I come.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Amazing rope and unbelievable shipping!

Review by Crossfit lady
Ordered the rope on Monday after 3pm and received the rope the following morning at 11am! wow....absolutely AMAZING customer service and great product. THANK YOU!
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

This is it.

Review by NooneInGA
I purchased the custom order Rx rope in hopes of improving my DU's. I went with the 6oz cable. I found myself jumping way too high, with my knees pulling into my chest and landing very heavy on my feet. The rope felt way too heavy and cumbersome. There was a SR-1 rope at the box and I tried it. I was able to knock out 20 DU in my first attempt. I found it to be the perfect weight and by far the best rope I ever used. There is no comparison. Get the SR-1.
| Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

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