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Rogue Deadlift Platform

Rogue Deadlift Platform

Includes (2) Floor Plates so the unit does not need to be bolted to the ground

Rubber Tiles Not Included

Rogue Econ Deadlift Platform

Rubber Tiles Not Included

8 Pack of Rubber Tiles
Build a 4x8 platform

Work on pulling heavy things faster.

Speed work is an essential component of any strength program.  The Rogue Deadlift Platform safely allows for band use outside of a power rack.  The band pegs are extra long to work with longer specialty barbells in addition to standard barbells.

The Rogue Deadlift Platform ships with 2 Floor Plates and does not need bolted to the ground.

The Rogue Econ Deadlift Platform must be bolted to the ground.

There are several flooring options for this platorm:

  1. Rubber tiles.  An 8 Pack of 24x24x1.5" Rubber Tiles is available with this product.
  2. A combination of plywood and stall mats.  Lay 1 full sheet of 3/4" plywood down as the base.  Cut two 2' wide strips of stall mat and one 4x4' piece of 3/4" plywood to be used as a top layer.
  3. Do not use any flooring.


  • Length: 8'
  • Width: 4'
  • 2x2" 11 gauge steel frame
  • Laser cut and precision bent gussets
  • Bolt together design
  • (4) Floor clips to secure each end to the ground

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Length 8'
Width 4'
Foot Print 4' x 8'
Material Type Powdercoated Steel
Steel Notes 2x2" 11 gauge
Made In USA Yes


Rogue Deadlift Platform 5 out of 5 stars based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.

Rogue Deadlift Platform - Is Exceptional ... But Has One "Minor" Design Flaw

Reviewed by Merc on December 25, 2013

This is a well-built platform made with a very strong steel frame - it is built like a tank and is consistent with the exceptionally high quality workmanship from Rogue. The frame was very simple to assemble and took only 20 minutes or so. I purchased the Rogue platform with the 2 steel floor plates so I would not have to bolt the platform to the floor. I also purchased the 8 pack of rubber tiles that fit inside the platform.

With regard to the rubber tiles, when I placed them inside the platform frame, the 4 rubber tiles that were placed on top of the 2 steel floor plates were not flush or even with the outer 4 rubber tiles. As a result, the overall surface of the platform was not perfectly even. After taking a closer look, I noticed that the 2 steel floor plates bowed down [ ( ] ever so slightly, which caused the 4 middle rubber tiles to be a little higher than the outer 4 rubber tiles. Also, there is a very small amount of space in between a couple of the tiles - in other words, all 8 rubber tiles did not fit "tightly" side by side at the point of contact inside the frame.

To try to compensate, I disassembled the platform and turned each steel floor plate over to remove some of the bow [ ) ] and to make the 4 middle rubber tiles more flush with the outer tiles. This adjustment helped some, but the rubber tiles were still not evenly flush. Short term, I placed some card board under the 4 outer rubber tiles to try to elevate to be flush/even with the 4 rubber tiles that rest on top of the 2 steel floor plates. I might decide to buy 4 - 24x24 1/4" or 1/2" thick rubber tiles to place under the 4 outer rubber tiles to correct the problem, but, to be perfectly honest, I should not have to purchase additional 1/4" or 1/2" think rubber tile to fix a minor design flaw with this platform.

While this problem is a minor design flaw that should not be an issue with a platform of this quality, the problem does not impact the 5 rating I give, because this really is a well-built dead lift platform, however, the design team at Rogue "really" needs to correct this problem.


Reviewed by Raymond on July 28, 2012

The Rogue Deadlift Platform is the latest addition to my garage gym and I couldn't be more pleased! Easy to assemble, solid construction, band attachments...great tool for serious deadlifting.


Reviewed by WESTSIDE IS THE BEST SIDE on July 25, 2012

I have looked all over the internet to find a good deadlift platform. All of the others I found, were too expensive ($1,000+) and offered no place to choke rubber bands. Modeled after the Westside Barbell platform, it was easy to put together, and a great addition to my weightroom. The smaller rubber mats, placed inside the frame, are easier to handle over the larger solid rubber mats found on other deadlift platforms sold on the internet. Awesome product, great price!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

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