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Rogue Farmers Walk Handles

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles - Pair

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Rogue Farmers Walk Handles - 10 Pack

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Rogue Metal Axle Collar - 1 Pair
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Rogue Metal Axle Collar - 10 Pairs

Deceptively simple grip training

Tax your grip, upper back, lower body and increase your GPP all with one tool.

These farmer walk handles are a collaborative effort between Rogue Fitness and Rob Orlando of Hybrid Athletics.


  • Rogue Signature Powdercoat for increased grip
  • 60" overall length
  • 12" of loadable sleeve space on each end of the handle
  • Can be used with bumper plates and cast iron plates


Regular spring collars may not work on this specialty bar. We recommend using the Rogue Metal Axle Collars.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Product Weight 49lb
Length 60"
Steel Notes Handle: 1" Schedule 40 Pipe
Shaft: 1.5" Schedule 80 Pipe
Other Product Specs Tested at: 400lbs./Handle
Made In USA Yes


Rogue Farmers Walk Handles 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.


Reviewed by Tyler S on December 21, 2013

I ordered these at the end of August and it was my very first purchase from Rogue. I couldn't believe the quality when I got them. They are fully welded so no spinning sleeves to wear out, the powder coating has come off a bit but that's no big deal. These can be used for walks, walking while holding the handles and dragging a sled, any barbell exercises, and if you want a thicker grip hold onto the bar not the handle and it will torch your forearms. Got a lot of benefits from these ever since the first day I got them. Simply Awesome!

heck of a workout, well built

Reviewed by Sustainable Success on December 19, 2013

Very well built, solid feeling bars. Farmer's carries are a fantastic workout, but using dumbbells gets old (and hard), these are the way to go, you carry them closer to your body so you can carry more weight. There isn't much that a farmer's carry doesn't work. The only thing that prevents these bars from getting five stars is that the handles aren't knurled and the sleeves barely barely barely are big enough to even take the HG collars. spring collars just slide on and off. BTW, weight of mine was 21lbs each, exactly, not 49 for the pair.


Reviewed by Dave on September 07, 2013

I bought these as my first Strongman implement. I did so for two reasons: the farmers walk is wonderful for building all kinds of strength, and the implement can do double duty as an axle. Great for axle deadlifts, but not for cleans (the protruding handle may cause missing teeth if attempted).

The handles are very sturdy (it is a bar with a couple things welded on--no moving parts to break). I was disappointed that one of the plate stops was welded at an angle. It won't ruin it, but still.

solid construction

Reviewed by JeffM on May 19, 2013

These handles are absolutely perfect. Typical high-quality Rogue construction. The powder coat on the grips is great for chalking up.

Just note that the simple spring collars won't work with this sleeve diameter. (Like the axle bar, it's made for the HG collars.) Instead of buying new collars, I just use a little piece of rope around each of the spring collars to make them tighter. Works like a charm, and I've never had plates/collars slide at all.


Reviewed by Zach Even - Esh on June 30, 2012

This is an awesome set of farmer handles, it's my 2nd pair as I've purchased them from elsewhere before.

These are great and built solid, definitely a must have if you are utilizing strongman workouts.

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