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Rogue Fight Shorts


Rogue Flex Fighter Shorts

2 Way Stretch
6" Side Slit
100% Polyester

Made in the USA!

Men's Fit Guide:

Waist Size 28 30 32 34 36 38
Inseam 9.5" 9.5" 9.5" 10" 10" 10"
Outseam 17.5" 18" 18.5" 19" 20" 21"

Gear Specs

Material Type 100% Polyester
Care Instructions Wash Cold, Dry Low
Color Black
Brand Rogue Fitness
Shorts & Sweatpants Fight Shorts
Made In USA Yes


Rogue Fight Shorts 4.95 out of 5 stars based on 10 ratings. 41 user reviews.

Get it!

Reviewed by Charles on June 05, 2014

Hands down, the best pair of shorts I've had. They should come out with more designs 'cause my plan is to have a pair for each WOD. They're that great.

Great shorts, fit

Reviewed by Matt on May 07, 2014

Just got these and have only had one WOD in them so far, so can't speak to durability quite yet (although, judging by other reviews they should be quite durable). However, first impressions are quite good! I was skeptical of all the reviews on here declaring they are the most amazing shorts ever, but I think i would fall in the same boat as everyone else now. The fit is fantastic, I am 5'11, 165# and the 32" waist is perfect...not too snug but not falling off either. Velcro + drawstring make them adjustable as well. The material is great, pretty tough stuff, and the gusset on the inside of the legs made of a stretchier material is perfect for ROM. The sidecut is perfect for squatting, doing box-jumps, etc. as it really frees up the shorts and prevents catching and binding, even when sweaty when other shorts want to stick to you. Already a favorite, and already preparing to buy another pair.

Best Shorts EVER!!! Love Them!!

Reviewed by PJB on April 12, 2014

Simply the best pair of workout shorts you could ask for. The fit and comfort it unreal. Very easy to clean. No issues with rips or tears. The version with the small red/ white logo looks nice doesn't clash with any shirt you pair with it.

Almost rated these a 1 star, however....

Reviewed by Max on April 06, 2014

I almost rated this a 1 star because the shorts tore at the back of my right pant leg. What happened was that the WOD I was in the middle of involved KB swing. I distinctly heard a friction noise and thought that perhaps my pull had disrupted the velcro waist connection a bit. After the WOD, I noticed a couple of females staring at me through the window of the quaint hotel gym. BTW the hotel didn't have a KB. I have a dodge truck and it is my mobile CF gym until I find a box :) Anyway, I thought I was looking particular jacked after the WOD so I kept doing my thing until I glanced at the mirror and noticed a fabric flap as I passed the gym fan. The tear was about the diameter of a tennis ball. I was frustrated as I only worked out in these shorts for about 5 sessions and I don't mow the lawn in them! I emailed rogue and they sent me another pair. I figured they were faulty and rogue was kind enough to send a replacement. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE and now after this they have a loyal customer! I am 5'10 185lb and I ordered the 36. It's a little loose but they hang only slightly past my knee cap. Very comfy!

The best shorts period.

Reviewed by Williams on March 28, 2014

These are the best shorts period. No binding or catching. Love them. How about a few more choices to buy though?

Best workout shorts

Reviewed by Whole on February 13, 2014

These are the best workout shorts I have ever worn. Very durable and great fit for squats, dead lifts, or any other lifts. I highly recommend these shorts worth every penny!

Amazing Crossfit Shorts

Reviewed by Adam on January 16, 2014

I bought these and I couldnt be more pleased. I use them all the time in Crossfit WOD's and they perform very well and are very high quality!

Worth every penny!

Reviewed by Tyrone on January 11, 2014

I never provide feedback on purchases but was so impressed, I felt obliged. These shorts are fantastic. As most have already commented: lightweight and durable..the quality clearly demonstrates that these bad boys could not have been made China! True to size as well: I'm a 32 and they fit perfectly. I don't see why people are complaining about the lack of pockets...who works out with keys and change on them? Bring a small bag to the gym with you to keep you personnel belongings safe and within reach as needed. Plus with pockets you could run the risk of them catching/snagging during a lift or WOD. My only complaint is that I didn't buy 2 of them!

Almost felt naked

Reviewed by pfn on January 07, 2014

So light and comfortable I almost felt I was waring nothing. I went for the 28" waist and they are a bit tight but didn't feel uncomfortable during the WOD. Maybe after more use they'll loosen a little a be even more comfortable. If not, I will still love them.

Best Workout Shorts I Own

Reviewed by Doug on December 17, 2013

The only drawback is the drawstring. Why even have it? The velcro closure for the waist could be made a little longer so you can overlap the material and get a tighter fit. The drawstring digs into you a little bit and is not really necessary. I'm going to try another style but the range of motion is incredible. Glad I got em.