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SO3 Omega-3 Oil - 10oz

SFH Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - 10oz

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SFH Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Chocolate

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This potent formulation delivers over 5400 mg of EPA and DHA in two teaspoons. This means that you can take LESS oil and get MORE benefit!

SO3 is a mixture of EPA and DHA in the triglyceride form and in the free fatty acid form of EPA and DHA. This combination of triglyceride form and free fatty acid form facilitates the absorption of omega 3 active fats.

Recommended use: 1-2 teaspoons a day of our new SO3 oil. This will deliver between 2700 - 5400mg (3500mg exactly is 1.3tsps).

Do not use if you are using blood thinners such as coumadin. This product has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to treat or cure disease.



SFH Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - 10oz 5 out of 5 stars based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.


Review by James

The products ingredients/nutritional facts speak for themselves. The lemon flavor is fantastic... which I feel is a strange word to describe the taste of fish oil. Anyway, it is the best tasting fish oil I have ever tried and doesn't come up in nasty burps like many low end pills (that you have to take absurd amounts of to equal the amount of 1 tsp in SFH fish oil). Try washing it down with a swig of lemonade or orange juice.

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Overall Great Product

Review by Ty

I bought the tangerine flavored fish oil. The taste is not very strong, I think the texture is quite noticeable though. If you have a little bit of something to drink after you won't even notice it. It's not pleasurable to drink this stuff, but I will say after just a week of using it I can tell the difference between this and any other fish/krill oil product I've ever taken. I would recommend this by a long shot if you don't mind that it's not going to be tasty or fun to take. If that bothers you I would try Onnit's Krill Oil. I would buy this again. And Rogue always provides fast service as well as high quality boxing.

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Great Product!

Review by CSpell

I've done a lot of research of fish oil and this is bar far the best on the market. With the amount of EPA and DHA you cant beat it. I ordered the vanilla and the taste is ok nothing great, it take a little getting used to but would def recommend this product.

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Review by Crossfit Chic

I've been using the chocolate fish oil for over 2 months now, and I'm in love with it! It's worth every penny. It REALLY does help with any form of soreness/inflammation. I will NEVER be without this product. Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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