Hybrid Stone Mold

Hybrid Stone Molds

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10" dia. 42LB Hybrid Stone Mold
10.75" dia. 50LB Hybrid Stone Mold
12" dia. 73LB Hybrid Stone Mold
13" dia. 93LB Hybrid Stone Mold
14" dia. 115LB Hybrid Stone Mold
14.5" dia. 130LB Hybrid Stone Mold
15" dia. 142LB Hybrid Stone Mold
15.5" dia. 160LB Hybrid Stone Mold
16" dia. 173LB Hybrid Stone Mold

17" dia. 207LB Hybrid Stone Mold
18" dia. 246LB Hybrid Stone Mold
18.5" dia. 275LB Hybrid Stone Mold

19" dia. 300LB Hybrid Stone Mold
Women's Hybrid Mold Set
One Each: 10-12-13
Men's Hybrid Mold Set
One Each: 13-14-15
Mammoth Hybrid Mold Set
One of Each Mold: 10-12-13-14-15-16-17-18
Hybrid Funnel

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Brand Hybrid
Color Black
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Make your own big freaking stones!

These are the stone molds made famous by the July 2011 issue of Muscle & Fitness featuring Rob Orlando. Easy to use, Hybrid’s stone molds are the best in the industry. For more strongman equipment, check our selection.


Hybrid Stone Molds 4.85 out of 5 stars based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.

Easy to make

Review by Darnell

Easy process to make my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Atlas Stones. My only regret is not buying the set.

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Excellent Mold

Review by Ryan

I recently made my first Atlas Stone and I used this mold to shape it. I reviewed Rob's instructional video on youtube, which helped tremendously. A few other things that worked for me;

For making the concrete, try to acquire a wheel barrow for this. You can use a Home depot bucket (as I did) but it will take much longer. I found the 142lb stone required 2 1/4 bags (30k) of concrete. It will also help to familiarize yourself with general concrete work just so you know what you're doing, how to help it settle, etc.

I used nuts and bolts, not zip-ties. Bolts are stronger, will form a better seal, and the zip ties are more difficult to ensure that you're centred.

I had trouble getting the bottom half of the mold off. I actually cracked part of the mold by striking it with the base of a screwdriver (oops). What worked was when I used my heat gun to apply a moderate amount of heat to the body of the mold, not the lip. It came off very easy after about a minute of heat application.

I am very satisfied with these molds and recommend them to those who want to make their own stones.

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Easy to use

Review by Cevon

I got the mens hybrid set, and watched the CF Journal vid of Rob making the stones, and made a set. 1st, it is super easy!!! 2 the things you dont see on the video are, that when you make and shake to the top of the mold, wait a few minutes so the water starts to rise, then add more concrete to fill the tip. Also there is gonna be seepage out of the seem, which is fine, if there is alot, i just added some and extra zip tie to the holes. Also i made sure to use alot of silicon lube on the inside! They are curing as I write this. We will see the final product tomorrow. Very easy to use, it took me 2 hours to make 3 stones mixing in a wheel barrel.

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Solid product

Review by Jim G.

Product was solid, easy to use, and a great addition for a garage gym. First time making it turned out perfect. I STRONGLY recommend watching Rob's video on the CrossFit Journal for making stones.

That video alone is worth the subscription price. I plan to buy some more molds with me next Rogue purchase.

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Review by 5years SOCOM

Super easy to use, throw some zip ties on it, mix the cement, and wait a day. Crack the thing open and you have an awesome toy!

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Easy To Use

Review by Texan

The forms were great for making stones. I would have given them a 5 star if they just would have provided the bolts and nuts to hold the forms together.

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