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The Rogue Bar 2.0

The Rogue Bar 2.0

Rogue Bar 2.0

This is the next generation of the 28.5MM Olympic bar that helped launch the revolution. Now fully machined and assembled at the Rogue factory in Columbus, Ohio, the Rogue Bar 2.0 represents the highest level of precision engineering with a wide range of new features—including stronger 190ksi steel, durable composite bushings, and CNC-machined groove sleeves with customizable color bands. Currently only available in black.

Like the original flagship Rogue Bar, Version 2.0 still offers convenient dual knurl marks for both Olympic and powerlifting, with a black zinc coated shaft and bright zinc sleeves. The addition of a groove in the sleeve enables athletes and coaches to more easily identify and differentiate bars by changing out the bands. The bar comes standard with Rogue-branded bands, but you can swap them out with any of the additional color options available, or even use any custom, personalized band that matches the dimensions.

The Rogue Bar 2.0 is among the first in our arsenal to use composite bushings—a self-lubricating material often found in hi-tech aerospace equipment and military vehicles. For intense, high-rep training, these bushings dramatically minimize friction to both provide a reliable spin and help extend the shelf life of the bar itself.

The Rogue Bar helped us cement our reputation at the CrossFit Games and beyond, and we believe the Rogue Bar 2.0 is a worthy successor to that mantle.


  • Manufactured in Columbus, OH
  • Diameter: 28.5MM
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Dual Knurl Marks for Oly and Power lifts
  • No Center Knurl
  • 190,000 PSI Tensile Strength Steel
  • Composite Bushings for Reliable Spin
  • Machined Grooves with Replaceable Bands
  • Finishes: Black Zinc Shaft, Bright Zinc Sleeves

The Rogue Bar The Rogue Bar 2.0
Tensile Strength: 155,000 PSI 190,000 PSI
Diameter: 28.5mm 28.5mm
Knurl Marks: Dual Dual
Sleeve: Standard Machined Groove
Finish: Black Zinc / Bright Zinc Black Zinc / Bright Zinc
Bushing: Bronze Bushing Composite Bushing

*Warranty against bending does not cover any bar which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes abusive dropping of the bar (i.e., dropping the bar on a box, bench, spotter arms or pins in a power rack, excessive dropping with insufficient or damaged bumpers, or excessive dropping with iron plates, and similar usage). Any specific issues regarding a Rogue product with which a customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We have found that most problems with bars we replace are related to abusive use rather than manufacturing or materials issues.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Bar Type Men's Bars
Bar Use Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose
Bar Weight 20KG
Diameter 28.5MM
Knurl Olympic
Center Knurl No
Knurl Mark Dual
Shaft Coating Black Zinc
Loadable Sleeve Length 16.40"
Sleeve Coating Bright Zinc
Bushing/Bearing Bushing
Tensile Strength 190,000 PSI
Guarantee/Warranty Lifetime Warranty*
Free Shipping No
Made In USA Yes
3 Ships Free No


The Rogue Bar 2.0 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 10 ratings. 57 user reviews.

Good bar. Spin is not so good.

Reviewed by KP on March 19, 2014

Got this bar from the 2013 Crossfit Games. It probably never got used (you can see the chalk marks on all the used ones, and my bar was spotless). I use it in my crossfit box and share it with all the members so it gets tons of use. It's a great bar for most general uses. I like the look, feel, and knurling. One downside is the spin. If I spin them as hard as I can, it only spins for 1-2 revolutions on its own. Even the old Rogue Beater bars we have at the gym have better spin.


Reviewed by Ben on March 05, 2014

First olympic bar I've owned- solid construction. Feels much better than the bars at the local gym. I workout with bare hands and even with sweat I still have solid grip on the bar. Been using it almost everyday for almost 6 months.

Good Bar for lifting

Reviewed by Mark on March 04, 2014

I love my Rogue bar. Only issue I have had is the knurl is wearing down on the bar from when I rack it on the squat rack. Knurl is not too aggressive and is just right. The spin is ok. I have had it for almost a year and will last for many more.

Takes a Beating

Reviewed by Mulligan on February 16, 2014

I bought my Rogue Bar over a year ago, and I only have iron plates so I was concerned about doing oly lifts. I have dropped the bar from overhead (I try not to, but it happens) and the bar is still straight as an arrow, and the collars are still solid. I have thrown everything at this bar and it still holds true. I would by this bar over and over again!

Love at first sight

Reviewed by Knight706 on February 14, 2014

Yea, it's that good.

Made it's way to the bar of fame.

Reviewed by The Mighty Duck on February 08, 2014

Looks great and it gets the job done! Worth the dollars.

Great bar!

Reviewed by Jack H. on January 17, 2014

This bar was a replacement for an old no name bar I had been using. I didn't expect much difference. Boy, was I surprised. Head and shoulders above the old bar I was using, and it looks great!

Get this bar!

Reviewed by PB on December 31, 2013

As a previous Rogue hater I can say that this bar was all I needed to be converted to a Rogue addict.

QUALITY. Period. In everything they produce themselves.

You will NOT find a better me, I've looked at and tried them all.

Excellent Bar

Reviewed by Matt O. on December 26, 2013

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on a good bar -- this bar to be exact. You get what you pay for and I have found this bar to be extremely reliable and tough. The knurling pattern is great for every type of lift. Additionally, the bar spins smoothly even with heavy weight. I love the black on silver coloring of this bar, and has yet to show signs of any fading after half a year of heavy use. All-in-all, I will probably buy another one of these when the time is right.


Reviewed by Gui on December 19, 2013

The first bar I ever bought, I love the feel of it!

it woul be great to have this bar available on Rogue Europe.

Rogue rocks!

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