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  1. Bars (41)
  2. Plates (23)
  3. Storage (37)
  4. Collars (16)
  5. Lifting Accessories (88)
  1. 25MM (5)
  2. 28.5MM (10)
  3. 28MM (6)
  4. 29MM (5)
  5. 31MM (1)
Bumper Color
  1. Black (11)
  2. Colored (7)
Bumper Material
  1. Metal (3)
  2. Rubber (14)
Weight Type
  1. KG (7)
  2. LB (14)
  1. Black (69)
  2. Blue (8)
  3. Brown (4)
  4. Camo (4)
  5. Gold (2)
  6. Gray (7)
  7. Green (3)
  8. Olive Green (1)
  9. Pink (12)
  10. Purple (5)
  11. Red (11)
  12. Silver (1)
  13. White (10)
  14. Yellow (1)
Bar Type
  1. Men's Bars (22)
  2. Women's Bars (4)
  3. Junior Bars (1)
Bar Weight
  1. 10KG (1)
  2. 15KG (3)
  3. 15LB (1)
  4. 20KG (17)
  5. 35LB (1)
  6. 45LB (2)
  7. 5KG (1)
  1. Competition (5)
  2. Training (7)
  3. Multipurpose (7)
Metal Plates
  1. Fractional Plates (2)
Lifting Accessories
  1. Chalk (7)
  2. Lifting Accessories (4)

Total Items: 204

Rogue is the country’s leading provider of quality barbells, bumper plates, collars, storage accessories, and everything else you’ll need to equip a garage gym or full-scale training facility. From beginners to Crossfitters, Olympic lifters to powerlifters, our broad range of American-made weightlifting bars address nearly every skill level and training goal. This includes an assortment of specialty training bars, the women's Bella Bar, our flagship Rogue Bar, and the Columbus-built Ohio Bar and Matt Chan Bar. Rogue also offers many of the industry's most popular steel plates and bumpers, led by the American-made Hi-Temp Bumper, as well as Rogue Olympic Plates, HG Bumpers, and Competition Bumpers. Need a bar storage or plate storage rack to keep your gym in order? We make those, too. Simply browse the catalog above to get started or contact us to arrange for a custom package.


5 for $5 FAQs

What items qualify for the 5 for $5 shipping deal?
$5 Only items in stock in our HQ warehouse. Excludes Closeout items and items shipped direct from the manufacturer. Qualifying items will be marked with this 5/$5 icon. Rogue Supply items are also included in this deal, and can be added to your shared shopping cart.
Do you have Matte Black Friday deals for APO, Canada or Europe?
Yes we will be releasing store specific deals for APO, Canada and Europe later in the week.
What is HUNDO pricing?
HUNDO pricing has bands like 250 or 500. Once you hit those markers with say...bumpers... you will get a reduced price $/LB.
What are Hot Deals?
Hot Deals are items with a special price or quantity. Products may be launched with a timer and/or a limited quantity available. Keep an eye on this category as new deals will be released throughout the week.

5 for $5 FAQs

Can I store Hot Deals in my cart to combine them and checkout at a later time?
Some of the Hot Deals are limited by time or quantity. Once the deal is over you will not be able to receive it even if it is saved in your cart.
Can you ship outside of the cont. 48?
This promotion is only for the Continental US 48 only and does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, or any other International location.
Can we add back ordered items?
No, all items must be in-stock at the time the order is placed. The in stock status may change between the time you add it to your cart and the time you checkout.
How long is the sale?
November 27, 00:00 EST - November 29, 24:00 PST
Why are certain vendors or items excluded?
It includes most items we keep in stock at our warehouse but some exclusions do apply. Items that are included will have the 5 for $5 symbol in your cart during checkout.
Does this apply to custom quotes?
No. This is for online orders only.
Are Closeout items excluded from this sale?
Yes. Closeout items are excluded from this sale and do not count toward the 5 items.
Do gift certificates qualify as an item?
No. Gift certificates do not count toward the 5 items.
Will this make it by Christmas?
Yes. Standard shipping time within the Continental US is 1-5 days. Your gear should arrive well before the Holidays!
What if an item ordered is sold out or on backorder?
If an item that is marked as in-stock and eligible at the time of checkout $5 shipping will apply, assuming all other terms are met, but we can only ship promotional orders as complete orders.
Do Rogue Supply items qualify for 5 for $5?
Yes. You can add items from both Rogue Fitness and Rogue Supply to your shopping cart to go towards your 5 or more items.
Does 5 for $5 apply to Alaska or Hawaii?
Unfortunately 5 for $5 does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii.
Do you have any deals for Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes, there will be deals for Alaska and Hawaii.
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