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AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece

$54.00 CAD

AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece

Backed by 15 years of research conducted with athletes at cadets at The Citadel, the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece offers a more efficient way for high-intensity and endurance athletes to open their airways and optimize their performance.

This patented, easy-to-use device works by positioning and training the tongue down and forward when you bite down, creating an expanded, optimal airway opening. CT scans and peer-reviewed, published research on the AIRWAAV have shown that it:

  • Increases the average width of a person’s airway by 9%
  • Reduces the average respiratory rate by 20%
  • Improving muscular endurance
  • Speeds up recovery times by reducing cortisol build up levels by up to 50%

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece does NOT restrict breathing, but in fact makes breathing more natural and efficient by helping to position the tongue and jaw in a more advantageous position. To ensure comfort, the mouthpiece is also designed to be custom fitted/molded to your mouth when you receive it. Simply follow AIRWAAV’s official Fitting Guide.

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  • Patented Mouthpiece for High Intensity and Endurance Training
  • Open’s Airway by an average of 9%
  • Cleaning: Toothbrush + Cold Water + Soap or Toothpaste
  • One Size Fits Most*

*The device is made of a special material that can be remolded. AIRWAAV’s designers have found that after a few (three to five) wears/uses, the body will get used to the device and it will fit well consistently.

Gear Specs

Made In USA Yes
Color Red