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  • W-4 Garage Gym

    $734.00 CAD
  • Alpha CrossFit® Package

    $1,934.00 CAD
  • Bravo CrossFit® Package

    $1,400.00 CAD
  • Delta CrossFit® Package

    $1,040.00 CAD
  • Warrior Bar & Bumper Set

    $1,634.00 CAD
  • Alpha Bar & Bumper Set

    $1,060.00 CAD
  • Delta Bar & Plate Set

    $940.00 CAD
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14 Products

Complete Garage Gyms from Rogue

Starting up a new garage gym? No matter your available space and goals, Rogue's functional fitness equipment and custom packages can have you set up and fully operational in no time. We have packages built with individual home gyms in mind, as well as CrossFit and military packages. Get the best barbells, plates, rings, benches, racks, stands, accessories, and more. Just click any of the packages above to compare equipment, read reviews, or make an order.