Barbell Components


At Rogue, we make the world's most durable barbells. We understand things happen from time to time and you may need to replace components or want to freshen up the look of your bar without buying an entire replacement. This is why we offer our premium barbell components to be purchased on their own. Dive into learning about the essential components of your barbell and understand the makeup of your barbell, which will not only ensure you can maintain its optimal performance, but also prolongs its lifespan. 

Barbell Components:

Barbell Shaft: At the heart of every barbell lies the shaft. Crafted from premium steel, our barbell shafts provide the necessary rigidity and durability for heavy powerlifting, while still having enough whip, or flex, to perform optimally for Olympic lifting. 

Barbell Sleeve: The dynamic counterpart to the bar shaft, facilitates smooth rotation during lifts. Its low-profile design and tight tolerances ensure seamless plate loading and no end float, essential for fluid lifts and changing weight.

Barbell Hardware: The “guts” of a barbell sleeve, the barbell hardware secures every element in perfect unison. Different bars require different hardware, from bushings or bearings, to snap rings and washers, each piece plays a crucial role in the barbell's structural integrity, longevity and function. 

Regardless if you have a 20KG or 15KG barbell, their components will be nearly identical.

Disassembling a Barbell:

While there may be more that goes into a barbell than what it seems, taking apart a barbell can be an easy task. Armed with the right tools and knowledge, dismantling each component becomes a seamless process. You can find a full breakdown of how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble your bushing barbell in the link here.