Rogue has been a leading manufacturer and innovator of quality American-made weight sleds for 15 years, from the compact and portable designs of the E Sled, Fat Boy Sled, and Pack Sled to the battle tested Dog Sled, Alpaca Sled and Rogue Butcher; all seen at the highest levels of CrossFit competition. We also offer many popular training sleds and accessories from other top names like Spud Inc and Torque Fitness.

 Push sleds and pull sleds have come a long way in the past decade, offering athletes an increasingly versatile indoor/outdoor tool for ramping up speed and explosiveness, building endurance, and generating full-body strength gains. Because weight can be quickly added and removed (often by loading plates on a central weight post), training sleds are also great options for larger gyms serving multiple athletes, as each user can customize the load to their own goals, or in some cases, reconfigure the sled / add attachments for a different style of exercise.