Rogue Fitness Weighted Vests

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The products above showcase Rogue’s complete line-up of weight vests, plate carriers, and related accessories. This includes our own Rogue Plate Carrier and American-made vest plates, as well as leading training vests from 5.11, Condor, MiR, GORUCK, and more.

Training with a weighted vest or plate carrier can completely revolutionize an athlete’s workout regimen. With extra weight on the body, muscles are forced to exert greater force throughout a movement, leading to faster strength gains and an improvement in overall muscular endurance. Weighted vests can be particularly effective for strengthening core muscles, burning extra calories, and even improving speed and quickness, as going through agility drills with a vest on can put an extra spring in the step when competing vest-free. Better still, today’s weight vests and plate carriers are increasingly compact, comfortable, and secure, with a range of vest plate options enabling quick, customizable weight loads. 

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