Brian Shaw

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Champion, Arnold Strongman Classic, 2011

First Place, TWI World’s Strongest Man, 2011 & 2013

Hometown: Fort Lupton, Colorado

Profession: Professional Strongman

Family: Jay and Bonnie Shaw (parents)

Coach: Justin Willis

Shaw emerged as the dominant strongman in the world in 2011, winning both the Arnold Strongman Classic and the TWI World’s Strongest Man Contest that year.   Brian was born, and continues to live in Fort Lupton, Colorado, and he began his athletic career there as a basketball player in high school.   He also played basketball at Black Hills State University at a bodyweight of about 240pounds (110 kilos)  during most of his college career.    After graduation, Shaw needed something else to compete in and became interested in strongman contests.   He entered a local competition--Denver’s Strongest Man in 2005—and won, with no formal training.  Shaw explained the career move, stating, “I always had unusual strength, even before I really started training. The biggest tire, the heaviest stone, I've always been able to walk up and lift it. Odd strength is what it is, not weight-room strength; it’s brute strength, brute power.   Like lots of young guys I enjoyed watching strongman shows on TV and so when basketball was over I did some research on how I could start doing competitions.  I had always been very into training and strongman came very naturally to me.”  Shaw, who wears a size 16 shoe and has exceptionally large hands, believes strongman competitions represent the best test of overall body strength.  “It is great to be able to test my strength against the strongest men in the world,” Shaw said.


Age: 33

Height: 203.2 cm/6’8’’

Weight: 191kg/420 lbs


Chest: 152.4 cm/60 inches

Biceps: 58.4 cm/23 inches



Contest History & Records:

Second Place, Arnold Strongman Classic, 2014

Third Place, World’s Strongest Man, 2014

First Place Arnold Strongman Classic-Europe, 2013

First Place Americas Strongest Man, 2013

First Place TWI Worlds Strongest Man, 2013

First Place Arnold Strongman Classic Brazil, 2013

Second Place Arnold Strongman Classic, 2013

Fourth Place Arnold Strongman Classic, 2012

Fourth Place TWI World’s Strongest Man, 2012

First Place Arnold Strongman Classic, 2011

First Place TWI World’s Strongest Man, 2011

First Place Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic, 2011

First Place Giants Live London, 2011

Fifth Place Arnold Classic Strongman, 2010

Second Place TWI World’s Strongest Man Contest, 2010

First Place Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic, 2010

First Place Viking Power Challenge, 2010

First Place Swedish Grand Prix, 2010  

Second Place Mohegan Sun Grand Prix, 2010 

First Place Giants Live South Africa, 2010

Second Place Giants Live (Istanbul), 2010

First Place WSM Super Series, 2009

First Place All American Strongman Challenge, 2009

Third Place TWI World Strongest Man, 2009

Third Place Fortissimus World Strength Challenge, 2009


Notable Strongman Achievements:

Stone Lift: 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic, 4 reps with 535 pound stone over a 4” bar in 53.13 seconds.

Hummer Tire Deadlift: 1128.14 lbs at 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic