Slam Balls

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Power meets intensity with our lineup of slam balls. A great tool for building explosiveness and power, slam balls are an excellent addition to training for any athlete or fitness enthusiast.

Difference Between a Slam Ball & Medicine Ball:

While both slam balls and medicine balls are effective training tools, they serve different purposes. Slam balls are designed to be slammed onto the ground or suitable wall with explosive force, providing a full-body workout and developing explosive power. On the other hand, medicine balls are typically used for bodyweight exercises like squats and core movements, without the need for slamming.

Benefits of Slam Balls:

Slam balls offer a myriad of benefits for your overall fitness and performance:

Full Body Workout: Engage more muscle groups with slam ball exercises, ensuring a comprehensive workout that targets strength and power from head to toe.

Explosive Power: Develop explosive power through dynamic movements like slams and throws, building strength and agility with every rep.

Core Strengthening: Strengthen your core muscles as you stabilize your body during slam ball exercises, improving balance, coordination, and functional strength.

Slam Ball Exercises:

Explore the numerous slam ball exercises to elevate your workout routine:

Slams: Grab the slam ball, raise it overhead, and slam it onto the ground with full force. Engage your shoulders, arms, back, and core to help transfer as much power into the slam.

Rotational Throws: Stand sideways to a wall or partner, then explosively rotate your body and throw the ball against the wall or to your partner. Strengthen your core and improve rotational power with each throw.

Burpee and Slam: Combine cardio-intensive burpees with the strength-building benefits of slams. Perform a push-up, jump to your feet, grab the slam ball, and slam it onto the ground before repeating the sequence. Elevate your heart rate while building strength and explosiveness with this dynamic exercise.