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Iron Game Programming - Subscriptions

Subscription fitness programming goes beyond the training cycles in an eBook, giving athletes a more direct connection to their coach(es) and community, with evolving workouts and new challenges from week to week and month to month. With many subscription-based workout programs now tied in with advanced training apps like the Beyond the Whiteboard App, it’s also never been easier to stick with a program, customize it to your schedule, and track your performance and results (as well as that of your peers) with precision accuracy. 

Rogue is building a growing library of Subscription Iron Game Programming, including BTWB compatible offerings from PRVN Fitness, CrossFit Linchpin, and BTWB’s own Varied Not Random series. Click any of the options above for more details on the goals and expectations of each program, background on the programmers, subscription / payment details, equipment requirements, customer reviews, and more.