Michael Burke

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Michael Burke


Third Arnold Strongman Classic Appearance

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Profession: Framing contractor

Family: Wife's name Maree Burke; Son, Michael;  Daughter, Isabella

Coloradan Mike Burke has emerged in only four years as one of the top strongmen in the world.   Burke only began training in 2010 but has been a top five finisher over the past year in every major strongman contest he entered.  Mike credits Brian Shaw as a source of as a great influence on his growth as a strongman and often trains with him in Colorado.  Burke, who runs a construction firm in Aurora, Colorado, is also known for his prodigious grip strength won the Visegrip Viking Competition at the LA Fit Expo in January of 2013.


Age: 39

Height: 195 cm / 6'6"

Weight: 150 kg/ 340 lbs.


Chest: 54inches/135cm

Thigh: 29 inches/72.5cm

Biceps: 19.5 inches/47.5cm

Calf: 19.5 inches/48.75cm

Neck: 19 inches/47.5cm

Family: Wife's name Maree Burke; Son, Michael;  Daughter, Isabella

Profession: Framing contractor


Contest History & Records:

Third Place (tied with Vytautas Lalas) at Arnold Strongman Classic 2014

Fourth Place, World’s Strongest Man Contest, 2014

Fifth Place Arnold Strongman Classic 2013

Fifth Place TWI World’s Strongest Man, 2013

Second Place Strongman Champion’s League Finals, 2013

Fourth Place Arnold Strongman Classic Brazil, 2013

Fourth Place Arnold Strongman Classic Europe, 2012

First Place La Fitness Expo’s All-American Strongman Challenge, 2012

First Place America’s Strongest Man, 2012

Third Place Giants Live, 2012

First Place MHP Olympia’s Strongest Man, 2011