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Infinity Rigs

$2,067.00 CAD
Free Shipping
$3,060.00 CAD
Free Shipping
$3,460.00 CAD
Free Shipping
$4,260.00 CAD
Free Shipping
X-108 9' Upright - Pair
$533.33 CAD
X-144 12' Upright - Pair
$650.00 CAD
4' Infinity Rig Add-on
$746.00 CAD
6' Infinity Rig Add-on
$706.00 CAD
43" Dirty South Bar - Substitute
$120.00 CAD

Availability: Ships in 10-14 days

Can only be used as a substitute when purchasing an Infinity/Monster Lite rig, rack and/or squat stand
70" Dirty South Bar - Substitute
$134.00 CAD

Availability: Ships in 10-14 days

This substitute is priced for purchase with an Infinity or Monster Lite rig only
R-3 Infinity Rig Add-on
$822.00 CAD
Rogue Rig Concrete Anchor Kit
$35.00 CAD
Rogue Skid Plates
$400.00 CAD

(1) 180LB Skid Plate. Use in place of bolting your rig to the floor. Can only be used on a 6' depth. Cannot be used on a 4' section.

Infinity Rig

The Rig & Rack System That Started the Revolution

The Rogue Infinity Rig is the base setup for more Affiliates around the world than any other system. Manufactured in Ohio using 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel, these rigs built their reputation in CrossFit Games competition and have earned their keep in garage gyms and top tier training facilities.

The Infinity Rig is available in four standard lengths (10', 14', 20', 24') and is fully expandable in 4' and 6' sections-- meaning you can create as many squat/bench and pull-up stations as your training space will allow.

All Infinity Series Pull-Up Rigs feature the West Side hole pattern and come standard with 108" uprights, 0.625" hardware, adjustable pull-up bars, and J-cups with UHMW plastic inserts. The system is also compatible with a huge range of 2x3" Rogue accessories for limitless customization.

US Patent D635,206, US Patent D636,038, US Patent D636,039, US Patent D636,040

Important: Unit must be bolted to the floor. All rigs come with sufficient hardware to configure the rig with all crossmembers at the same height. Alternating crossmember heights will require additional hardware.

Echo Infinity Monster Lite Monster
2"x2" Tube 2"x3" Tube 3"x3" Tube 3"x3" Tube
11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel
0.5" Hardware 0.625" Hardware 0.625" Hardware 1" Hardware

I-10 I-14 I-20 I-24
4' + 6' 4' + 6' + 4' 4' + 6' + 4' + 6' 4' + 6' + 4' + 6' +4'
2 Squat/Bench Stations 4 Squat/Bench Stations 4 Squat/Bench Stations 6 Squat/Bench Stations
6 Pull-up Stations 8 Pull-up Stations 12 Pull-up Stations 14 Pull-up Stations
2 Pair Infinity J-Cups 4 Pair Infinity J-Cups 4 Pair Infinity J-Cups 6 Pair Infinity J-Cups
6 108" Uprights 8 108" Uprights 10 108" Uprights 12 108" Uprights
2 X-43 Crossmembers 4 X-43 Crossmembers 4 X-43 Crossmembers 6 X-43 Crossmembers
5 X-70 Crossmembers 6 X-70 Crossmembers 9 X-70 Crossmembers 10 X-70 Crossmembers

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Length Customizable
Width 6'
Height 9'
Material Type Powder Coated Steel
Steel Notes 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel
Infinity Compatible Yes