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Rogue Rubber Atlas Stones

225LB Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone Set
$659.00 CAD
Shipping Included!

Includes (1) Each 50LB, 75LB, 100LB Stone
450LB Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone Set
$1,256.00 CAD
Shipping Included!

Includes (1) Each 100LB, 150LB, 200LB Stone
50LB - Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone
$172.00 CAD
75LB - Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone
$220.00 CAD
100LB - Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone
$268.00 CAD
150LB - Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone
$412.00 CAD
200LB - Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone
$494.00 CAD

Rogue Rubber Atlas Stone

Rogue’s Rubber Atlas Stones feature a cast-iron core construction with a durable, over-molded rubber exterior and recessed edges to prevent rollaway. Available in five weight increments (50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 LBS), these exclusive, ready-to-use stones can be ordered a la carte or as part of either of our two pre-configured Rogue sets:

  • 225 LB Set: Includes (1) 50LB, (1) 75LB, (1) 100LB
  • 450 LB Set: Includes (1) 100LB, (1) 150LB, (1) 200LB

Individual Stone Weight & Size Breakdown:

  • 50 LB (10" diameter)
  • 75 LB (12" diameter)
  • 100 LB (14" diameter)
  • 150 LB (16" diameter)
  • 200 LB (18" diameter)


  • Construction - Overmolded Rubber, Cast-Iron Core
  • Sold a la carte or in full sets (225 LB or 450 LB)
  • 5 Available Weight Increments: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 LBS
  • Embossed Weight Indication and Rogue logos on one side
  • Recessed edges to prevent rollaway
  • Color: Black

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA No
Color Black
Product Weight 50-200 LB
Diameter 50 LB: 10"
75 LB: 12"
100 LB: 14"
150 LB: 16"
200 LB: 18"
Material Type Rubber Exterior with cast iron core

Key Features of the Rogue Rubber Atlas Stones

  • 1A Strongman Tool with All-Sport Applications

    Atlas Stones have always been associated with Strongman competitions, but in recent years, they’ve been adopted by a wide range of athletes—from weightlifters and powerlifters to football players, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and more—as a unique, full-body training tool. Properly lifting, holding, and loading Atlas Stones not only strengthens the back, glutes, and abs (with minimal spinal compression), but also promotes the extension of the hips, knees and ankles, resulting in greater explosiveness. Just be sure to select a starting weight increment suited to your own size and level of experience.

  • 2Quality Rogue Construction

    Each stone has a cast-iron core with an overmolded, black rubber exterior. Slightly recessed edges reduce the chance of rollaway and provide a bit of added texture, as do the embossed Rogue logos, which are centered around an embossed weight indication on one side. The surface finish on our Rubber Atlas Stones is a bit slippery out of the box, and while it will become more grip-friendly over time, the general slickness helps to create a more accurate facsimile of a traditional stone. Since it cannot be lifted purely by friction, athletes will need to grab the stone from underneath using their forearms in the “bear hug” style.

  • 3Fast Rogue Shipping

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