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Spud Inc Looper Strap

Spud Inc Looper Strap

$107.00 CAD

Spud Inc Looper Strap

The 50" long, 1.5" wide Spud Inc Looper Strap is a must-have accessory for athletes who want to incorporate chains into their squat, bench, or overhead press work. Designed and manufactured in the USA from quality nylon webbing, the Looper Strap can hold up to 10 chains in its bottom five loops, with the option of placing additional chains into the upper adjuster loops. The main purpose of the adjuster loops, though, is customization, as different athletes can quickly re-set the positioning of the chains to better suit their height or training goals. Each chain’s position in the loops will determine when it will load during the lift.

The Looper Strap makes adding chains to a bar far easier, and it’s particularly valuable for gyms in which multiple athletes are sharing the same loaded barbells. The strap available here is black with the Spud Inc logo in yellow. Chains sold separately.


  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Quality Nylon Webbing construction
  • Length: 50"
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Connects to any standard barbell via loop
  • Holds 10" chains
  • Chains can be placed at different positions in the adjuster loops so that the chain will load at different parts of the lift to train weak points.

Gear Specs

Brand Spud Inc
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 0.5LB
Length 50"
Width 1.5"
Other Product Specs Holds 10" chains