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Hafthor "The Mountain" Bjornsson

Better known to many as “Thor” or “The Mountain,” Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has long been one of the biggest stars on the international Strongman circuit. It was in 2018, however, that he truly reached the apex of his sport for the first time.

Coming into the year, Bjornsson had already achieved six podium finishes at the World’s Strongest Man and three Top 5 finishes at the Arnold Classic; to go along with three Europe’s Strongest Man titles. With those accomplishments and a budding acting career gaining momentum at the same time, the 6-foot-9, 400 LB Icelander easily could have started shifting his focus more toward new TV and film pursuits. Instead, with his 30th birthday approaching, Hafthor re-dedicated himself to two competitive goals that had long eluded him: winning gold at the WSM and the Arnold. The results speak for themselves: in March, Bjornnson set a new Elephant Bar deadlift record en route to his first Arnold championship. Two months later, he became the first Icelandic competitor since his mentor Magnus ver Magnusson to win the World’s Strongest Man. Missions accomplished.

For good measure, Hafthor took home his 4th Europe’s Strongest Man title in 2018, along with a remarkable 8th consecutive Iceland’s Strongest Man—no small feat in a country known for its strength athletes. Hafthor actually began his athletic career in Reykjavik as a standout basketball player before injuries led him down his current path at age 20. His worldwide profile transcended sports in 2014, when he began portraying “The Mountain” in a certain popular HBO dragon show. Bjornsson most recently appeared in the 2018 Rogue documentary Fullsterkur, discussing the stone lifting tradition in Iceland and the influence that his childhood hero, Jón Páll Sigmarsson, had on his life.

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Career Highlights


Arnold Strongman Classic1st


Arnold Strongman Classic1st
World Strongest Man1st


Arnold Strongman Classic2nd


Arnold Strongman Classic5th


Arnold Strongman Classic7th
Europe‘s Strongest Man1st
World Strongest Viking1st


Arnold Strongman Classic5th
World's Strongest Man2nd
World Strongest Viking1st
Europe‘s Strongest Man1st


Arnold Strongman Classic8th
Europe‘s Strongest Man4th
World's Strongest Man3rd


Arnold Strongman Classic10th
Arnold Strongman Classic Europe6th
World's Strongest Man3rd
Europe‘s Strongest Man5th


Arnold Classic Amateur Strongman2nd
World's Strongest Man6th
Iceland‘s Strongest Man1st


Iceland‘s Strongest Man1st

Hafthor's Stats

Personal Stats
Nickname The Mountain
Age 29
Weight 386 lbs
Height 6'9"
From Reykjavík, Iceland