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I bought OSO collars from a different vendor. Will Rogue still honor the warranty? Yes. Rogue will honor the warranty that was agreed to at time of purchase. Please note: OSO Barbell Collars are designed to take a lot of abuse when clamped on a barbell. Aluminum will bend, however, so when they are not on a bar, avoid throwing, kicking, or stepping on the clamps (or any other means of abuse), as this will void your warranty.

I tried to contact OSO but have not received a reply. Please contact us at [email protected].

I can't find a product that was previously offered on OSO's site. We are in the process of ramping up more of the OSO product line, however some of the items may not return.

I don't see an option to customize on Rogue's site. Unfortunately customizations are not available at this time.

Someone in my gym ordered the same color collars that I did but they are not exactly the same color. Is that normal? Yes. Anodizing is not a perfect science and each batch we get back from the anodizing process can be slightly different than the last!

OSO Barbell Collars deliver creativity and functionality to the weight room with their line of collars, available in multiple colors and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Available now at Rogue!