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Spud Inc Mini Me Sled

Spud Inc Mini Me Sled
$106.00 CAD
Pulling Straps not included
Spud Inc Sled Attachment
$63.00 CAD
Upper Body Sled Strap - Black
$54.00 CAD
Spud Inc Lower Body Sled Strap
$67.00 CAD

Spud Inc Mini Me Sled

Even lighter and more compact than the Magic Carpet Sled, Spud Inc’s “Mini Me” is a 2LB speed sled that redefines portability without sacrificing performance. The Mini Me doesn’t have the heft of a traditional metal dragging sled, but it’s still able to securely hold 500+LB in steel plates on just a 21.5" x 10" nylon platform.

Use the Mini Me Sled on grass, Astroturf, carpet, or in any gym or training space with rubber or tile flooring. If it’s a non-abrasive surface, you’re good to go. When your workout’s done, simply roll up the sled and drop it back in your gym bag. For athletes at any level, this is a convenient, effective way to build the posterior chain and metabolic conditioning with one go-anywhere tool.


  • Made in the USA
  • Quality Nylon Webbing construction
  • Dimensions: 21.5" L x 10" W
  • Sled Weight: 2LB
  • Color: Black

Important: The Mini Me Sled should NOT be used on concrete, asphalt, or any rough textured surface. Speed sled training on such surfaces can cause irreparable damage to the sled or your plates.

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Gear Specs

Brand Spud Inc
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 2LB
Length 21.5"
Width 10"