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GORUCK - Ruck Plate

$74.00 CAD
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GORUCK - Ruck Plate
For Rucker

This a la carte line-up of GORUCK Ruck Plates® is intended specifically for use with The Rucker bodyweight training backpack (both 20L and 25L models).

Available in 4 different weight increments (10LB, 20LB, 30LB, 45LB), the plates are precision-manufactured in the USA from quality, ductile iron ore, with convenient grab-and-go handles for easier handling and storage. A matte black powdercoat finish adds to the overall durability and rust resistance, and rounded ergonomic edges allow athletes to use the plates as separate weight training implements outside the rucksack.

Choosing the correct GORUCK Plates for your Rucker will depend on your size, level of experience, and training goals. Please Note: The dedicated plate pocket on the Rucker is suited to 20LB and 30LB Ruck Plates only. Other plate sizes will need to be placed in the interior elastic pocket. For this reason, because 45LB Ruck Plates will not strap in vertically, they are better suited for upright rucking, not GORUCK Challenges (think bear crawls).

Plate Size Options:

  • 10LB - 5.75" x 9" x 0.94" - Best for users under 150 LBS and/or new to rucking / signed up for GORUCK Light
  • 20LB - 9" x 11.5" x .92" - Best for users either over 150 LBS and signed up for GORUCK Light or those under 150 LBS but signed up for Tough or Heavy
  • 30LB - 9" x 11.5" x 1.38" - Best for users over 150 LBS, signed up for GORUCK Tough or Heavy, and/or those already comfortable rucking 20 LBS
  • 45LB - 9.5" x 15" x 1.38" - For users looking to train harder than they perform (i.e., train with 45LB, use 30 LB in Challenge), and those already experienced/comfortable rucking 30 LBS. Again, please note that 45 LB Ruck Plates cannot be placed into the plate-dedicated pocket of the Rucker, and must go in the interior elastic pocket instead; making them better suited for upright rucking rather than GORUCK challenges.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Sold Individually
  • Designed specifically for compatibility with The Rucker and NOT other backpacks by GORUCK or different manufacturers
  • Weight Options: 10LB, 20LB, 30LB, 45LB
  • Matte Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Ergonomic Design and Rounded Edges
  • Wide Handle for easy portability and placement
  • GORUCK branding

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Gear Specs

Made In USA Yes
Color No
Product Weight 10LB, 20LB, 30LB, 45LB