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Monster Lean-To Bar Rack

Monster Lean-To Bar Rack
$1,353.00 CAD
Monster Lean-To Bar Rack Bar Socket Set (Pair)
$145.00 CAD

Monster Lean-To Bar Rack

The Monster Lean-To Bar Rack is a heavy-duty new multiple barbell holder that we’re offering in a Single-Sided and Double-Sided format. The single-sided version can securely store up to 10 standard barbells (or 6 of our TB-2 Trap Bars), while the double-sided option can hold as many as 15 standard bars (or 10 TB-2s). Note that the Single-Sided unit includes 6 bar storage sockets standard while the Double-Sided includes 10 bar storage sockets. Additional socket sets can be purchased a la carte.

Made in the USA with US steel from 3x3” 11-gauge steel, this unit comes standard with 2 base feet, 2 uprights, 1 top crossmember, and either 1 (single-sided) or 2 (double-sided) bottom crossmembers. Once attached, the bottom crossmember(s) sits at a 10-degree angle to the top crossmember, allowing a racked barbell to rest in an upright, space-efficient, easily-accessible position.

To further ensure the bar is stabilized, the unit also comes with our exclusive barbell socket sets (6 sets with the single-sided version, 10 sets with the double-side option). All you have to do is place one end of the barbell into the circular socket and U-shaped channel attached to the bottom crossmember, then rest the other end of the bar into the corresponding U-channel on the top crossmember. The U-channels extend out past the diameter of the bar to keep it secure, and their UHMW plastic lining prevents any metal-to-metal contact.

Using the laser-cut 1” holes in each crossmember, gym owners can place the socket attachments anywhere they want on the rack, and in either direction. For storage efficiency it is best to alternate the direction and to evenly space the attachments out: every 2 holes if you're storing standard barbells, and every 5 holes if you're storing all TB-2's.

Please Note: Customers can also purchase extra Socket Set Pairs a la carte, with all components for holding two additional barbells.

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  • Made in the USA with US steel
  • Multiple Barbell Storage Rack
  • 3x3” 11-gauge steel + 1” Monster hardware
  • Single Sided and Double-Sided Options
  • Single Sided: 6 bar storage sockets included standard
  • Double Sided: 10 bar storage sockets included standard
  • Length: 78.5"
  • Width: 30" (single) / 33.75" (double)
  • Height: 82.875" (84.125" including top attachment)
  • Total Unit Weight: 185 LBS (Single-Sided) / 271 LBS (Double-Sided)
  • Color: Black w/ laser-cut Rogue branded plates on uprights
  • Socket Sets Include: 2 U-channels, 1 bar socket, and all hardware
  • Tools Needed for Set-Up: 1-1/2" Wrench/Socket, 7/16" Wrench/Socket, 5/32" Hex Key

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 185LB (single) / 224LB (double) - not including attachments
Length 78.5"
Width 30" (single) / 33.75" (double)
Height 82.875" (84.125" including top attachment)
Steel Notes 3x3 11Ga steel, 3/16" steel for attachments
Monster Compatible Yes

Key Features of the Monster Lean-To Bar Rack

  • 1Quality Rogue Construction

    Each of these storage racks is manufactured in the USA with US steel from 3x3” 11-gauge steel with 1” hardware and Rogue branded plates on each upright. By creating a 10-degree angle from the bottom crossmember to the top crossmember, this design allows athletes to store any standard barbell (or TB-2 Trap Bar) in a stable upright position for space efficiency and easy grab-and-go access. All hardware is included with the unit, but several tools (not included) will also be needed for set-up:
    1-1/2" Wrench/Socket
    7/16" Wrench/Socket
    5/32" Hex Key

  • 2Barbell Socket Sets

    Racked bars are held in place with our exclusive bar socket sets. Each set includes 1 bottom socket, 2 U-channels (one for the bottom crossmember and one for the top), and all needed hardware. To stabilize a barbell, the athlete only needs to place one end of the bar in the circular socket at the bottom, then let the bar rest into the two U-channels. The channels have a UHMW protective plastic to prevent any metal-to-metal contact, and they’re able to cradle the bar securely in place while still allowing easy removal for the next user.

  • 3Single-Side and Double-Side Formats

    Customers can order the Monster Lean-To Bar Rack as a single-sided or double-sided unit, meaning it can be set up with either one or two bottom crossmembers. The single-side option comes standard with (6) socket sets and can store as many as 10 standard barbells or 6 TB-2 Trap Bars. The double-sided unit includes (10) socket sets and has a storage capacity of 15 standard bars or 10 TB-2 bars. Customers can choose to purchase additional pairs of socket sets a la carte, with all components included.