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Monster Rope Attachment Anchor

$46.67 CAD

Rogue Rope Attachment Anchor – Monster Series

The Monster version of the Rogue Rope Attachment Anchor mounts securely to the 3x3" upright of any Monster rack or rig, creating an instant work station for athletes training with our Conditioning Ropes or any other type of battle ropes.

Manufactured in Columbus, OH, the anchor features a 0.375" thick mounting plate with mounting Holes 12" on center with one half of a Rogue Gymnastic Ring welded to it. The ring portion has a 1.25" diameter with a medium gloss black powder coat finish, creating a stable hold during high-intensity rope slams, double waves, alternating waves, etc.

When installing your Rope Attachment Anchor, you can choose any side of an upright at any custom height (as long as the holes are spaced 12" on center to join up with the mounting plate). All required 1" mounting hardware is included in your order. Once installed, the outside edge of the anchor will extend 5" (Depth) from the face of the upright.

Important: The Rope Attachment Anchor is intended ONLY for use with conditioning ropes (battle ropes, conditioning ropes, etc.), NOT climbing ropes.


  • Made in the USA
  • Sold Individually
  • Compatible only with Rogue Monster Series rigs and racks*
  • 0.375" thick mounting plate with mounting Holes 12" on center
  • 1.25" diameter steel anchor ring, w/ medium gloss black powder coat finish
  • Extends 5” from upright
  • Can be mounted at any height
  • Two bolt assembles included: 1" x 4.75" bolt, 1" flat washer, 1" lock washer and 1" nut
  • 1.25"of a Rogue Gymnastic Ring welded to a 0.375" thick steel mounting plate
  • Sold individually (shown as a pair in our sample set-up)
  • Two bolt assemblies included

*Rogue also makes an Infinity / Monster Lite version of the Rope Attachment Anchor with 0.625" hardware.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Length 14"
Width 2"
Height 5" (Depth)
Diameter 1.25"
Other Product Specs 0.375" thick mounting plate with mounting Holes 12" on center
Steel Notes 14 Gauge 1.25" Diameter Half Ring
Monster Compatible Yes