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Rogue Utility Rope

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Rogue 96" Utility Rope

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The Rogue Utility Rope is a multi-purpose, braided black training rope designed for a wide range of exercises, from pull-ups and sled pulls to kettlebell drags and deadlifts.

Co-developed with Greg Walsh of Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, New York, the 96" long, 1.75" diameter rope is Made in the USA from a durable polyester, offering excellent wear-and-tear resistance vs. industry-standard polyethylene or polypropylene. The loops at each end of the rope are also spliced and finished with a Rogue-branded heat shrink to ensure the integrity of the construction. Note: Users should still always inspect the strands of any rope regularly to ensure optimal safety.

Uses for the Rogue Utility Rope

Pull-Ups: Wrap the rope around a pull-up bar a few times and use the handles to emphasize grip strength. See Also: Rogue Pull-Up Bars

Supine/Ring Pull-Ups: Same set-up as above, but length allows for the rope to take the place of rings.

Sled Pulls / Sled Drags: Place each loop over a dog sled upright and pull from the center of the rope, walking in reverse or dragging it behind you. See Also: Rogue Sleds

One Handed Kettlebell Deadlifts: Put one end of the rope through the handle and then pull the other loop through, creating a cinch on the KB handle. Then grip the excess rope at desired location and lift. Promotes grip strength. See Also: Rogue Kettlebells

Kettlebell Drags: Same set-up as above and similar to sled drags, but with KB attached to cinched end.

Resistance Running: Wrap the rope around one person’s waist while another person holds the two loops to provide resistance.

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Additional Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Braided Polyester construction
  • Loops on each end, spliced and finished with Rogue heat shrink
  • Total Length: 96"
  • Diameter: 1.75"
  • Color: Black

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Length 96"
Diameter 1.75"
Material Type Polyester