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SkiErg Handle Extension Pair


SkiErg Handle Extension Pair - Rogue Edition
No Major Modifications Required

The SkiErg Handle Extension system, developed by Equip Products, enables adaptive athletes to fully utilize a SkiErg machine without having to remove or replace the original handles. For any size gym, this means quicker transitions between different athletes, and far easier access + less hassle for those training in a wheelchair.

Designed specifically for use with the Concept 2 SkiErg—an industry leading Nordic skiing machine—the extension kit features (2) polypropylene webbing straps with a loop on one end and a handle on the other. The loops cinch around the bottom of the existing SkiErg grips, while the adjustable handle portion of the straps hang down to a max extension length of 28" from the standard grips. Each 1.125” diameter handle includes a foam outer layer for comfort, and can be easily tightened/loosened so that athletes with limited dexterity can still pull the device with little to no grip strength required.

Available here with exclusive Rogue logo branding on each strap.

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  • Developed by Equip Products of Illinois
  • Adapts Concept 2 SkiErg for use by Wheelchair Athletes
  • Includes (2) 1” Polypropylene Webbing Straps
  • Easy On / Easy Off for swift transitions between adaptive and standard use
  • Adjustable Handle: 1.125” diameter, Foam outer layer
  • Color: Black with Rogue logo in white

Gear Specs

Brand Equip Products
Color Black
Length Extends approximately 28" max from Ski Erg Handle
Diameter 1.125" (handle)
Other Product Specs 1" polypropylene webbing