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Elevation Training Mask Cleaner

$16.00 CAD

Elevation Training Mask Cleaner

A must have product for owners of the Elevation Training Mask or similar high-altitude simulator masks. This specially formulated cleaning spray cuts through built up odor and grime and doesn’t leave any post-wash residue or chemical smell. The result is a mask that’s clear, clean, and odor free even after dozens of uses.

IMPORTANT: In order to use the Elevation Training Mask Cleaner safely and effectively, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Always make sure the mask is fully dry before its next use.


  • Training Mask Cleaner and Deodorizer
  • 1 fluid ounce per bottle
  • Place mask on stain resistant surface before using cleaner

Gear Specs

Brand Training Mask
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Other Product Specs 1 ounce Bottle