Pull-up Bars

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Good: P-3: Made from the same 11-gauge steel as our rigs, the P-3 can be anchored to a wall vertically or horizontally, and there is plenty of room for expansion when you align multiple brackets in a row.

Better: P-4: Easily among the strongest single-unit pull-up systems on the market. Built from 11-gauge steel like the P-3, but with a deeper 30" depth and longer mounting bracket. You can easily run a 1" steel tube or 1.25" OD pipe through the brackets and align multiple units in a row to serve more athletes.

Best: W-10: A wall-mounted, space efficient version of our Infinity Rig, the W-10 creates (1) bench/squat station and (3) pull-up stations. Built in Ohio from 2x3" 11-gauge steel with 5/8" holes in the Westside pattern.