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Good: 10 Person Econ Package: Designed for the needs of freshmen and seniors alike--with a huge assortment of equipment to prevent any bottlenecking in the gym. The affordable 10-person Econ Package includes (5) Economy Bars, (1) Bella Bar, and (3) Tech Bars, as well as (5) of our flagships Ohio Bars and two separate 1,000LB sets of HG 2.0 Bumpers. Three S-1 Squat Stands are also part of this set-up, along with accessories for virtually every WOD-- (6) sets of Wood Rings, (10) medballs, 500LB of kettlebells, (5) Concept 2 Rowers, and more.

Best: 10 Alpha - 10 Person Package: One order can provide top level, cross-trainng equipment for 10 student-athletes at a time. Our Alpha package includes two customized 1,000LB sets of HG 2.0 Bumper Plates, 16 quality barbells (plus a pair of 9-bar Holders for storage), an I-24 Infinity Rig, five S-1 Squat Stands, and enough kettlebells, medballs, speed ropes, rings, sleds, and benches to prevent anyone in your gym from ever having to wait their turn.