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Good: SR-3S: Rogue's take on the classic non bearing speed rope.  The SR-3S has a 4.75"" inch, rotating handle for sure grip, a low friction bushing design for a smooth spin, and a 10-foot long 3/32""speed cable to keep up with your ambition.

Better: SR-1S: The SR-1S is the younger sibling to the SR-1.  The key difference is a smaller handle diameter which makes it easier to grip for athletes with smaller hands.  With a percison bearing system and quality 3/32"" speed cable, the Rogue SR-1S is capable of unbeatable top end revolutions.

Best: SR-1: The SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope is a smart upgrade for ramping up your double-unders. Features a 3/32"" red coated speed cable and glass-filled, nylon resin grips paired with a set of four hi-precision cartridge ball bearings for max speed and durability.