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Good: SML-1: A versatile, durable, space-efficient squat stand. The SML-1 is built in Ohio from 3x3"" 11-gauge steel, with 70"" uprights and 5/8"" holes in the Westside pattern.

Better: SML-3: This 9-foot tall unit combines the 3x3"" 11-gauge steel of the Monster Series with the 5/8"" hardware of the Infinity Series. With a pull-up bar included, the SML-3 is more power rack that squat stand.

Best: SM-3: Manufactured in Ohio from 3x3"" 11-gauge, powder-coated steel, the SM-3 Monster Squat Stand features oversized 1"" bolts and fasteners for maximum durability and stability. Includes a pull-up bar standard.