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Rogue Monster Climbing Hold Crossmembers

Monster 43" Climbing Hold Crossmember
$127.00 CAD
Climbing Hold Set not included
8pc Climbing Hold Set w. Hardware
$154.00 CAD

Climbing Hold Crossmembers - Monster

Rogue’s Monster Climbing Hold Crossmembers can be mounted to any existing Monster Series rack or rig, creating a uniquely customizable, east-west rock climbing station that’s great for beginners or any athlete looking to hone their upper body and grip strength. (See the Monster Lite version here).

These 3x6" 11 Gauge Steel crossmembers are available in a (43") length and can also be installed in sequence across a rig to allow for longer runs. With holes on the front and back of each beam, users can set-up different hold configurations and alternate from one side to the other for an added challenge. No matter the difficulty level, our texture black powdercoat finish simulates the traction and “stick” of a real rock surface, keeping the holds in place and preventing any sliding or spinning as you advance.

Please Note: The holds themselves are NOT included standard with the crossmembers, BUT a compatible set of holds can be easily added to your order directly from the dropdown menu. The special 8-piece climbing hold set we’re offering is made by Scout Climbing here in Columbus, Ohio, and comes with all necessary 0.375" hardware for mounting to the crossmembers.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Length 43"
Width 3"
Height 6"
Other Product Specs 1" Hardware to mount to rack included. Climbing Holds NOT included.
Steel Notes 3x6" 11 Gauge Steel

Key Features of the Rogue Climbing Hold Crossmembers (Monster Edition)

  • 1Get a Grip

    Whether you’re new to rock climbing or just want to train your grip strength and upper body strength in a new way, Rogue’s Hold Crossmembers can give you access to a fully customizable climbing station in your own gym. They’re available in 43" (to fit into the back of your rack or within a 43" section of a rig) and can also be installed in sequence across a rig to allow for longer runs. With laser-cut holes on both sides of the crossmembers, users can set-up different hold configurations on each side and alternate from the front face to the back for an added challenge.

  • 2Quality Rogue Construction

    Made in the USA with US steel from 3x6" 11 Gauge Steel, our Monster Hold Crossmembers are compatible with any Rogue Monster Series rig or rack, and come standard with a 4-pack of Monster 1" x 4.75" bolt assemblies for easy set-up. There are three rows of holes on both the front and back of each crossmember, spaced 4” on center horizontally and 1.5” vertically (with the center row offset from the top and bottom rows). A quality texture black powdercoat finish is used to simulate the traction and “stick” of a real rock surface, keeping the holds in place as you move from one to another.

  • 3Exclusive 8-Piece Hold Set, Sold Separately

    Customers can opt to add a compatible 8-piece set of climbing holds to their order, made exclusively for Rogue by Scout Climbing of Columbus, Ohio. Brad and his team at Scout have developed a diverse set of quality, polyurethane holds that includes two comfortable jugs, two mini jugs, two crimps, and two amazing slopers. All holds, except the crimps, are designed with a symmetrical feel in mind, and the whole set is crafted for both seasoned climbing enthusiasts and relative beginners. All required 0.375" hardware for mounting the holds to the crossmembers is included with the Scout set.


  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Series Rigs and Racks
  • 3x6" 11 Gauge Steel
  • Length Options: 43"
  • Finish: Texture Black Powdercoat for firm traction
  • Includes 1" x 4.75" bolt assemblies for set-up
  • Three rows of hold-holes on the front and back face of each beam
  • Holds Sold Separately
  • Patented Design

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