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Monster Wallmounts

The rig pictured here contains optional accessories that are not included.

$2,355.00 CAD
$3,085.00 CAD
$3,582.00 CAD
$4,250.00 CAD
Wallmount Rig Concrete Anchor Kit
$15.00 CAD

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Monster Wall Mount Rig

The Monster Wall Mount Rig utilizes the same “overbuilt” 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel tubing and 1" hardware as the stand-alone Monster Rig, but can be bolted directly to a solid wall (concrete, cinder block, wood, etc). This enables gym owners to add top-tier squat/bench and pull-up stations while saving money and optimizing facility space.

The Rogue Monster Rig is manufactured in Ohio and designed to meet the demands of the leading Affiliates and strength training centers in the world. The system is available in four standard lengths (10', 14', 20', 24') but is fully customizable with limitless expansion and accessory options—including the Monster Matador, Monster Landmine, Plate Storage Posts, and more.

All Monster Wall Mount Rigs feature adjustable pull-up bars, Monster J-cups, and your choice of crossmember design (fat skinny, single skinny, single fat) and upright height (7'6", 9', or 12').

All Monster Wallmounts ship standard with (2) Rogue Monster 1.5" Wrenches saving you time and money.

Important: Unit must be bolted to the ground. All rigs come with sufficient hardware to configure the rig with all crossmembers at the same height. Alternating crossmember heights will require additional hardware.

Use the charts below to compare the Monster Series upright to others in the Rogue family, and to see what’s included with the four different sizes of standard Monster Wall Mount Rigs.

Echo Infinity Monster Lite Monster
2"x2" Tube 2"x3" Tube 3"x3" Tube 3"x3" Tube
11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel
0.5" Hardware 0.625" Hardware 0.625" Hardware 1" Hardware

MW-10 MW-14 MW-20 MW-24
4' + 6' 4' + 6' + 4' 4' + 6' + 4' + 6' 4' + 6' + 4' + 6' +4'
1 Squat/Bench Stations 2 Squat/Bench Stations 2 Squat/Bench Stations 3 Squat/Bench Stations
3 Pull-up Stations 4 Pull-up Stations 6 Pull-up Stations 7 Pull-up Stations
1 Pair Monster J-Cups 2 Pair Monster J-Cups 2 Pair Monster J-Cups 3 Pair Monster J-Cups
3 108" Uprights 4 108" Uprights 5 108" Uprights 6 108" Uprights
4 XM-70P Crossmembers 5 XM-70P Crossmembers 7 XM-70P Crossmembers 8 XM-70P Crossmembers
1 XM-43P Crossmembers 2 XM-43P Crossmembers 2 XM-43P Crossmembers 3 XM-43P Crossmembers

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Length Customizable
Width 6'
Height 9'
Material Type Powder Coated Steel
Steel Notes 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel