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Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates - 2.5LB - Pair

Special Price $27.75 CAD

Regular Price: $37.00 CAD

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates - 10LB - Pair

Special Price $75.00 CAD

Regular Price: $100.00 CAD

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

Rogue’s new 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates feature a solid cast iron core, impact-resistant polyurethane coating, and a black matte finish with white Rogue emblems on each side. Built with two ergonomic interior handles, this unique design allows for easier carrying, loading and offloading, while the not-quite-round circumference helps to prevent rollaway when a barbell's on the floor.

The tolerance on these plates is +/- 1% for the 25LB and up, and +/- 3% for the change plates. The minimum thickness of the protective urethane coating is 4mm.

Please Note: Grip Handles are NOT included on the 2.5LB and 5LB change plates.

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA No
Plate Type Multipurpose
Diameter Varies
Collar Opening 50.6MM
2.5LB Plate Width 1"
5LB Plate Width 1"
10LB Plate Width 1.3125"
25LB Plate Width 1.5625"
35LB Plate Width 1.5625"
45LB Plate Width 1.375"

Key Features of the 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

  • 1Grab and Go

    Internal hand grips on opposing ends of each plate (10LB and above) allow athletes to safely and efficiently pick up, carry, load, and offload them from any angle.

  • 2Minimize Roll Away

    When a bar hits the floor, its journey should end there. Rogue’s 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates look and function essentially like traditional round Oly plates, but with the edged circumference, there is greatly reduced movement on the ground, even on uneven surfaces. It’s a simple solution to the age-old rollaway nuisance.

  • 3Quality Construction

    These plates include a 50.6MM collar opening with a solid cast iron core for reliable structural integrity, a protective high-quality polyurethane coating (minimum 4MM thick), and a sleek matte black finish with raised numbering for the weight and Rogue branding. Tolerance on the 25/35/45LB plates is +/- 1%, while the tolerance on the change plates (2.5/5/10LB) is +/- 3%.


  • Oly Weightlifting Plates in 6 Increments
  • Solid Cast Iron Core construction
  • Quality Polyurethane Coating
  • Double hand grips for easy carrying and loading (NOT on 2.5LB and 5LB plates)
  • Less barbell rollaway on floor with 12-sided design
  • 50.6MM collar opening
  • Impact resistant with reduced noise on drop
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Rogue emblems on both sides

Available Weight Increments and Plate Sizes:

  • 2.5LB : 5-7/8" diameter x 1" thick
  • 5LB : 7-1/2" diameter x 1" thick
  • 10LB : 9-1/4" diameter x 1.3125" thick
  • 25LB : 12" diameter x 1.5625" thick
  • 35LB : 14" diameter x 1.5625" thick
  • 45LB : 17-1/8" diameter x 1.375" thick