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Rogue Fat Boys BarAides

$20.00 CAD

Rogue BarAides

Rogue BarAides are durable, Military-grade hand grips developed specifically for high-intensity workouts, protecting against tears and abrasions. This RX brand of BarAides, available here in white with the Rogue logo in black, includes expandable finger holes ("one size fits most") and a proprietary polymer core.

BarAides have a uniquely ergonomic design and can be used for everything from pull-ups to rope climbs, Oly lifts, kettlebell work, and more. The polymer core layer is incorporated to improve the tear resistance and overall longevity of the grips, while its flexibility allows athletes to stretch the grip close to its original shape if it gets bunched up during a workout. With the universal finger holes, you can also quickly remove the grip from your fingers, mid-workout, to open up access to the palms. This would be helpful if a pull-up workout is coupled with something like hand-stand walks, HSPU, or wall balls.

Regular use of BarAides not only protects your hands, but also gains back the gym time you otherwise might have lost due to ripped up skin. This means a more productive, longer lasting workout with potentially greater long term results.

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How To Use Rogue BarAides:

  1. Insert fingers into universal finger holes with the Rogue logos facing away from the palm of your hand.
  2. After your fingers are in, pull the grip flush with your hand.
  3. Using your preferred athletic tape, secure The BarAides to your wrist. This can also be done with a pair of Wrist Wraps or Strength Wraps.
  4. Make sure you tape the BarAide to your wrist with your wrist straight. This will reduce the chance of the BarAide slipping during a workout.
  5. You are now ready to do your workout with your hands protected!

Additional Specifications:

  • Made in America
  • Sold in Pairs
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Tear-resistant, cross-directional cloth material
  • Proprietary polymer core to for improved durability and flexibility
  • Color: White with Rogue branding in black

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Gear Specs

Brand The BarAides
Made In USA Yes
Color White
Length 8.375"
Width 3.125" (Palm)