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Bench Press Manual

$27.00 CAD

Bench Press Manual

The 70-page “Bench Press Manual” collects the unmatched expertise of Louie Simmons and the team at Westside Barbell—home to five World Record holders in the bench press.

Whether you’re a relative newcomer or an experienced lifter looking to tighten up your program and crush your personal record, this book covers all the bases—written in a no-nonsense, straight forward voice.

Topics include:

  • Bench Press Technique
  • Mastering a Bench Shirt
  • Raw Bench Training
  • Cycling Your “Speed Days” and “Max Effort” Days
  • Special Training Exercises

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Gear Specs

Brand Westside Barbell
ISBN-13 978-0-9821504-1-2
Pages 70
Cover Type Paperback
Made In USA Yes