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Infinity Wallmounts


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X-108 9' Upright - Pair
X-144 12' Upright - Pair
4' Wall Mount Add-on
6' Wall Mount Add-on
43" Dirty South Bar - Substitute

Can only be used as a substitute when purchasing an Infinity/Monster Lite rig, rack and/or squat stand

70" Dirty South Bar - Substitute

This substitute is priced for purchase with an Infinity or Monster Lite rig only

Wallmount Rig Concrete Anchor Kit

Infinity Wall Mount Rig

This is the wall mount version of the Rig & Rack System that started it all. Built in Ohio from 2x3” 11-gauge steel, the Rogue Infinity Rig became the official rig of the CrossFit Games and is now the base set-up for more Affiliates worldwide than any other system.

Like the stand-alone unit, the Infinity Wall Mount Rig features the Westside hole pattern, 5/8” hardware, and limitless customization capabilities. From four standard lengths (10’, 14’, 20’ and 24’), the system can be easily expanded in 4’ and 6’ sections, allowing you to add as many pull-up and squat/bench stations as your training space will allow. From there, the rig is also compatible with Rogue’s large catalog of 2x3” accessories, including the Rogue Matador, Safety Spotter Arms, Landmines, Wall Ball Target, and more.

A wall mounted set-up can help make better use of a gym’s space while also offering a nice option for customers on a budget. Just be sure your rig can be bolted to the floor and a solid, stable wall-- concrete, cinder block, wood, etc.

Important: Unit must be bolted to the ground. All rigs come with sufficient hardware to configure the rig with all crossmembers at the same height. Alternating crossmember heights will require additional hardware.

To see how the steel tubing of the Infinity Rig compares to the other uprights in the Rogue family, see the chart below. Further down, you can see what features are included with the four standard Infinity Wall Mount Rig length options.

Echo Infinity Monster Lite Monster
2"x2" Tube 2"x3" Tube 3"x3" Tube 3"x3" Tube
11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Steel
1/2" Hardware 5/8" Hardware 5/8" Hardware 1" Hardware

W-10 W-14 W-20 W-24
4' + 6' 4' + 6' + 4' 4' + 6' + 4' + 6' 4' + 6' + 4' + 6' +4'
1 Squat/Bench Stations 2 Squat/Bench Stations 2 Squat/Bench Stations 3 Squat/Bench Stations
3 Pull-up Stations 4 Pull-up Stations 6 Pull-up Stations 7 Pull-up Stations
1 Pair Infinity J-Cups 2 Pair Infinity J-Cups 2 Pair Infinity J-Cups 3 Pair Infinity J-Cups
3 108" Uprights 4 108" Uprights 5 108" Uprights 6 108" Uprights
1 X-43 Crossmembers 2 X-43 Crossmembers 2 X-43 Crossmembers 3 X-43 Crossmembers
4 X-70 Crossmembers 5 X-70 Crossmembers 7 X-70 Crossmembers 8 X-70 Crossmembers

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Length Customizable
Width 6'
Height 9'
Material Type Powder Coated Steel
Steel Notes 2 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
Made In USA Yes

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